Cabrio Comfort Module for Porsche 997 Convertible

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Cabrio Comfort Module for Porsche 997 Convertible

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商品型号.: 36992
  • Roof module for enhanced roof operation for your convertible
  • Roof operations will be controlled through the original remote control and/or the indoor roof switch
  • Software can be updated in the future

Module options:

  • Module activation / deactivation
  • One-touch roof operation (remote / indoor roof switch)
  • Roof operation while driving
  • Roof operation will continue if you open/close the roof with the remote key and turn the ignition on/off
  • Roof operation will continue if you open/close the roof with the indoor key and pull out the key



  • Power Supply: 12 Volt (8–15 Volt)
  • Power Input: 90 mA
  • Standy Current: <0.03 mA
  • Dimensions in mm: 54 x 45 x 22
  • Approval: E13 10R-02-3950


Scope of delivery:

  • Comfort module
  • Set of cables
  • Fitting instruction for download


  • In the standby mode, each device consumes a small amount of power. Even complex vehicle controllers should not need more than 2.0mA to avoid an empty battery after a long standing time, e.g. after a holiday. It is even more important for convertibles, as these kinds of vehicles are sometimes not used in periods of cold weather. Due to quality engineering and manufacturing, Cabrio-Plus Modules need less than 0.03mA.
  • Cabrio roofs do not have an automatic protection against clamping (pinch protection), so the operator must take care that no objects or persons (especially children) are near the closing area of the roof while it is in motion. It is strongly recommended to watch the car during the entire closing process. If people are close to the roof, the process can be immediately stopped by pressing a button on either the remote control or on the interior roof button.
  • KUFATEC and the administrators of this website are not responsible for injury or damages in the case that this safety instruction is disobeyed!